Geological Engineering

Geological Engineering

With more than 30 years experience in geological and geotechnical engineering, HGC’s key technical staff have developed a broad skillset in soil and rock mechanics in support of civil engineering design and the management of geohazards and adverse geological conditions.The principals of HGC has worked on a wide variety of projects throughout the Maritimes and across Canada which have included the following:

  • Rock Bolting and Testing
  • Site Investigations for Tunnel Design
  • Directional Drilling
  • Rock socketed caissons, piles and micropiles
  • Karst conditions
  • Rockfall analysis and mitigation
  • Soil and rock slope monitoring
  • Soil and rock anchor design and testing
  • Foundations on rock
  • Tunnel design
  • Pit slope assessment and design
  • Aggregate assessments
  • Pyritic Slate and Acid Rock Drainage Management




Corney Brook Slope Stabilization, Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

In 2012, Parks Canada personnel identified signs of slope movement on the southbound lane of the Cabot Trail near Corney Brook. Indications of slope failure included loss of material from the 60-m high cliff, a large pile of rubble at the base of the cliff, and a tension crack on the edge of the road. The Principals at HGC developed three conceptual designs and proceeded with the preferred option. They were responsible for developing the tender package and specification for construction of the retaining system which comprised a system of drilled soldier piles, concrete lagging, and high-capacity rock anchors to support a large unstable wedge of rock.


Halifax Wastewater Treatment Plant Wet Well, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Harbour Solutions Project in Halifax, Nova Scotia is the largest municipal infrastructure project ever completed in Atlantic Canada and included the construction of a new Wastewater Treatment Plant in downtown Halifax. Construction of the wet well required an approximately 30 m deep excavation in variable-quality rock. The principals of HGC were responsible for the design and testing of the rock anchors used to support the excavation and to resist the large hydrostatic forces behind the walls and beneath the floor slab.

Nova Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Nova Centre, a mixed-use commercial development under construction in downtown Halifax, with a total cost of development of approximately $500 million, will comprise a hotel tower, two office towers, the new Halifax Convention Centre, retail space, and Grafton place. Construction of the Nova Centre required an approximately 25 m excavation using tieback anchors to support the overburden soils and rock anchors to support the rock mass. The principals of HGC were responsible for the design and testing of the more than 1000 tiebacks and anchors installed on the site.