Construction Engineering

Construction Engineering

The Harbourside Team specializes in construction engineering in support of heavy civil infrastructure projects. Harbourside strives to provide exceptional service for its clients by combining modern analysis techniques with sound engineering fundamentals to develop practical solutions on even the most challenging and complicated projects

Coffer Dams

When in-water work can’t be avoided, the use of coffer dams may be required to complete construction.  The Harbourside Team frequently carries out analyses and design of various coffer dam systems for use in construction.

HGC regularly carries out seepage analysis to evaluate the potential for soil piping and base instability, and to estimate flow rates for dewatering efforts.  HGC also assesses the lateral earth and hydrostatic pressures acting on the retaining systems while working integrally with Harbourside Engineering Consultants to produce practical, economical designs.

Embankment Construction

When construction of moderate to large road embankments on very soft soils would result in slope stability issues, methods such as staged loading may be adopted.  HGC has completed several projects where the construction of large approach fills could potentially result in instability. HGC has carried out detailed analyses and monitoring programs enabling accelerated fill placements while ensuring that adequate factors of safety against slope instability are maintained.

Crane Lifts

Frequently girder launches and other heavy lifts require crane setups at the top of steep slopes, or on soft soils of a river’s flood plain.  HGC has completed several projects to assess the stability of various crane setups for critical lifts. These projects may include:

Slope Stability Analyses
Bearing Pad Design
Pile Design to support ultra-heavy lifts